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European hornbeam yamadori 2021

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European hornbeam yamadori 2021 Empty European hornbeam yamadori 2021

Post  JanG. Sun Apr 04, 2021 9:43 pm

Last year I got several yamadori trees.
After some time I realized that bringing quite thin and small trees is not appropriate. It seems to be better to prepare the tree in a nature and pick it when it is ready (if the tree is in safe place). Bringing pieces that are thick enough at the base and therefore ready for creating trunk tapering, bruhches and ramification, is much better.

I thought that I won't be able to get any new yamadori this year because of logging. So I visited different part of the forest and I found this perfect piece.
The trunk at the base is thick enough for bonsai of 30 cm or maybe 40 cm height (I mean it is good enough for me. You might have different preferences.). The bonsai trees of height up to 40 cm are actually my goal, because I like this size the most. I would like to train the tree in informal upright style and a dome shape possibly... Smile

I need to make it bud back higher on the trunk so I made several scratches in the bark, but maybe it was too early (I will see). I wasn't too much hard, it is almost invisible in the picture, so maybe I didn't scratched it enough to make it grow new buds around the wounds. Well, I will find out later Rolling Eyes You know - those beginners... On the other hand it made almost no additional harm to the tree at this state Very Happy

The root system was looking good after I dug it out of the ground. One of hornbeams I brought in the past had even less roots remaining and it is doing well by now, so I belive that this one will be OK as well.
I cut 1/2 or 1/3 of most the branches, so partial loss of the root system should be balanced.

If you have any experiences with making the hornbeams to bud back that you would like to share, please let me know.

European hornbeam yamadori 2021 Img_2030

European hornbeam yamadori 2021 Img_2029

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