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European Larch Yamadori 2020

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European Larch Yamadori 2020 Empty European Larch Yamadori 2020

Post  JanG. Fri Apr 02, 2021 4:19 pm

Well, here is my larch that I digged in spring 2020. Another tree that I will possibly turn into a bonsai - if I will be lucky enough Very Happy
Because the trunk was quite thick and after one year it got thicken more even in this 9,2l container, I just had to bend it now. This is my very first wiring, I know that it has several issues, because I have already seen how the correct wiring should look like and also I could feel it. But as Peter Chan says - you will learn ho ti wire the tree by the practice.

First - I should center the tree, because if not, then there is limitation in the ways how you can put the wire into the soil.
Second - it seems to me that I wired it more tightly than I wanted to (and I should bend it during placing the wire, because it is more effective).
Third - this 5mm wire turned out not to be strong enough by the base of the tree. Double the wire is possibility, but there are some brunches that I would like to keep - if possible. So there is no place for another wire.

Because larches are quite vigorous trees, I guess that I will have to remove it quite soon. I will see...
So I hope that next time I will make it more professionally.
I still have 7,5mm wire, so even next year it should be possible to bend it again and make some corrections.

Also I plan to put it in larger container. I cannot put it into the ground during growing season, because I have no place where to plant it. We grow some vegetables or flowers in the garden and therefore there is just no free space. In autumn it doesn't matter, because it is after the harvests. So I am gonna buy 37l containers. It has diameter 45cm and it will have to be good enough.

Well, that's it.
I hope that it will grow well and I will be posting here photos as it will develop.

European Larch Yamadori 2020 Img_2027

Lack of movement - I belive I will be able to correct it next time. Also it is going to be cut back in two or three years - maybe into 1/3, so I can solve it later with the new growth...
European Larch Yamadori 2020 Img_2028

This looks - strange  Very Happy  Hopefully I will make it better next time.
European Larch Yamadori 2020 Img_2026

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European Larch Yamadori 2020 Empty Re: European Larch Yamadori 2020

Post  Marty Weiser Sat Apr 03, 2021 1:55 am

Actually your wire spacing looks fairly good. I think you might be in good shape for the movement if you bend the middle of the tree to the left below the branch that comes out to the left and then straighten the wire at the top slightly to bring that bit back to the right. You will have two larger branches on the insides of curves to remove, but you can allow them to contribute to the growth for a year or two. Also remember to make sure you put in some front-to-back movement. Overall a very good start.

Marty Weiser

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European Larch Yamadori 2020 Empty Re: European Larch Yamadori 2020

Post  JanG. Sun Apr 04, 2021 7:29 am

Thank you Smile
I made some small corrections. If everything goes well, I will improove it more with the next wiring.

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European Larch Yamadori 2020 Empty Re: European Larch Yamadori 2020

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