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Juniper rigida wiring

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Juniper rigida wiring  Empty Juniper rigida wiring

Post  marcus watts Sat Jul 23, 2011 9:50 am

i need a little advice if anyone has developed tight pads on a Rigida needle juniper.

The tree is japanese yamadori, about 3ft high and has been in the uk about 35 years and had run a bit wild before i got it. the branches were long, bare and straggly weak foliage was hanging down from the branch tips. unfortunately the pics have been lost before i started work

2009 - I fed it hard and pruned the new growth back to just 2 needles - this triggered lots of back budding.
i wired the woody growth but none of the green shoots as they hate wire and often die.
2010 - the small branches formed now have their own side buds and all the strong buds are constantly pinched off. - dead wood sand blasted
2011 - repotted, unwired, lots of pinching, another sand blast and all the weak thin branches removed - now my dilema........

the tree needs wiring again and now all the hardened shoots have needles along them - do you remove the rows of needles from the branches that hold the new shoots before wiring (buds will form on bare wood between the wire coils), or will needle removal effect inner budding and tree health ? - i'm not to sure i can wire every branch between the needles without trapping 100's.

cheers for any advice anyone who's refined a needle juniper can give,

thanks Marcus
marcus watts
marcus watts

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