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New to Bonsai trees! Any help?

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New to Bonsai trees! Any help? - Page 2 Empty Re: New to Bonsai trees! Any help?

Post  fiona Wed Mar 02, 2011 10:01 am

AlunDowdeswell wrote:I am not used to indoor plants/trees and am no expert, so I think looking after this relatively simple tree will help my confidence and knowledge.
Ah. Now I don't want you to feel I am being rude here but are you thinking that bonsai trees grow indoors? If so then I believe we have got to the nub of the issue. I'm not going to give you what could be seen as a lecture if you are already aware that most bonsai grow outdoors all year round and that the term "indoor tree" is very much a misnomer. A lot of the possible misunderstanding of people's motives in their responses to you could be explained by your not having grasped the full impact of this simple fact. It is, without wishing to tar you with the same brush, probably the most common trap that beginners fall into. If you were aware that even here in the UK bonsai are outdoor plants, then that's good. Come back to us for advice on how to progress down this avenue if you want, although the advice already given by myself and Paul B in particular is as good a starter for ten as you'll get. If you weren't aware that this is the case, then have a think about the information already given in this thread in light of this new knowledge.

We are a handful of weeks away from Best of British Bonsai - one of the UK's major shows. As already stated, even a one day visit would give you a colossal start in developing your understanding of bonsai - far better than you'll get in a book from a beginner's persepctive. CAn't recommend it enough.

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