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Post  orionstein Sat Nov 27, 2010 5:46 am

First off, greetings all Smile
I have been interested in Bonsai for awhile, and have gotten my own little tree!

It was labelled as a Serissa "Winter Fuji", but after looking it up I find that this isn't common nomenclature. It supposedly gains small pink flowers, could this possibly be a Pink Fuji Serissa?

Here are some pictures -

Newbie Bonsai Owner! GbYyf

Newbie Bonsai Owner! TSJA0

Newbie Bonsai Owner! TZQRW

Newbie Bonsai Owner! JOdvX

Now, my question is what I should do with this.
How should I care for this plant? What can I cut off?
What styles of Bonsai are best for her? How would I go about executing them?
Is the seemingly thin trunk a problem? What should I do for this?

Thank you for your time, and help Smile
P.S. I apologize for the picture quality, I need to find a real camera so I don't need to use my cellphone


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Post  ogie Sat Nov 27, 2010 7:22 am

Welcome and to be honest i think your plant/tree is a bit too young to be the looks of it you have small trunk underneath.take pictures not to close up for we can't seems to figure out how it looks?But if you like you can grow it first for a few years to attain a mucu better size,by then you can still bend the desire style you want.
Here we have serrisa with pink small flowers and most of themare quite easy to handle,were tropic Smile But i wish i could have some trees from the cold region Crying or Very sad they are beautiful...but no can do in hot climate like ours.
Maybe check out some nursery in your area or bonsai club am sure you'll find some tree to start yur adrenaline. Smile Good luck,again enjoy and welcome to the crazy addictive bonsai world.


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Post  bonsaisr Sat Nov 27, 2010 4:32 pm

One of my mottos is: Behind every green thumb is a large pile of dead bodies. You will find that for those growers who admit it, the majority of dead bodies are Serissas. After growing indoor bonsai for 20 years, I have learned a few things about keeping Serissas alive more than a year.
Inside every great-grandmother is a little girl who plays with dolls & visits Narnia, Wonderland, etc. So I have to have Serissas.
Don't be discouraged. They are delightful little trees, and some cultivars bloom all winter under the right conditions. In Serissa, cultivar names are a hopeless muddle, and relatively unimportant. They all take about the same conditions.
Under my conditions, USDA Zone 5, outdoors in summer, under fluorescent lights in winter, I have never had success growing a Serissa as an individual bonsai, even when I bought it as a large specimen. They are very temperamental, hard to repot, and don't live long. They seem to do better in group plantings. Then if one dies, you can replace it easily. I don't do much wiring. Just shape it by keeping the upper branches shorter than the lower ones. You can wire the trunk if it is too straight. They respond well to the clip-and-grow technique. They do eventually grow a thicker trunk, even in the North, but don't hold your breath.
Remember, Serissa is not a deep tropical, although it grows in the tropics. It is a subtropical from southern China, and can actually survive subfreezing weather in the ground. Keep it outdoors all summer in as much sun as it will tolerate. Bring it indoors in the fall just before the first frost, and put it outdoors as soon as danger of frost is past. If you have to winter it on a windowsill, it should face south & be as cool as possible. Room temperature is too warm. Keep it in an unheated spare room. It will do much better if you can keep it under lights, but it requires added humidity.
My suggestion is to get two or four more Serissas of different sizes and an oval tray, and plant your own fairy forest next spring. They don't have to be all the same cultivar, but don't make it too busy.
Maryland is bonsai hog heaven. Join the nearest bonsai club. There are books & magazines with diagrams for creating a group planting, but if you go to the National Bonsai & Penjing Museum, you will get plenty of ideas.

Here is my Serissa saikei, repotted last year. I have added a couple of other non-serissas since then.

Newbie Bonsai Owner! Saikei10


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