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locating the right place for this

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locating the right place for this Empty locating the right place for this

Post  dick benbow Tue Dec 02, 2014 4:50 pm

was a struggle, but I decided to put it here as will be explained.

Many in America interested in Suiseki, Know the contributions made by Nina and Larry Ragle of california.

What i didn't know was a book Nina penned 27 years ago, about a collection of John Naka's japanese proverbs
and how john used them in teaching his bonsai students. Known as the father of Americqn bonsai, John was known for his sense of humor.Nina's efforts to capture one of john's japanese expressions, explain both the japanese and american understanding and how it was used in his teaching is quite delightful.

I had no idea the book existed until the newly appointed curator for the Weyerhaeuser Bonsai Museum brought it to my attention. I'm sure glad he did. Hence my desire to share it with you. I was lucky enough to find the book
signed by both Nina and John......and reasonable priced on a used book auction.

and the name of the book...."Even Monkeys fall out of trees"
John used the expression to encourage bonsai beginners that even the best make mistakes...Smile
dick benbow
dick benbow

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locating the right place for this Empty Re: locating the right place for this

Post  Guest Tue Dec 02, 2014 5:45 pm

Hi Dick

It sound like a realy nice book, and being a fan of John Naka and suiseki, will I be looking for the book, in the hope I find it for sale one day...thanks for sharing.

Kind regards Yvonne


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