Progression - Taxus #4 Collected from a Hedge

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Progression - Taxus #4 Collected from a Hedge

Post  ericrobinson on Sat Aug 31, 2013 5:41 am

This Taxus was collected with several others for free from a hedge.


I planted the tree in a free-draining mix and let it recover and grow for 3 years. I re-potted it in 2009 to remove the clay soil.

Tree as of October of 2010.

Cut off unnecessary branches.

Pulled large branch that would become the main trunk to the right with a board and some turnbuckles since Taxus wood is very strong. Wire would not have worked.

I let it grow vigorously through 2012 to help set the new main trunk angle. It had been re-potted in a cut-down nursery container so that it could be transferred to a bonsai pot more readily.

Potted into a bonsai pot in July of 2013.

A couple of virtual possibilities:


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