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Larch forest

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Larch forest - Page 2 Empty Larch forest 2012

Post  Ed van der Reek Thu Mar 15, 2012 8:11 pm

Here a Update from my larch forest Very Happy
Gr Ed
Larch forest - Page 2 Larixb10
Ed van der Reek
Ed van der Reek

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Larch forest - Page 2 Empty Re: Larch forest

Post  marcus watts Thu Mar 15, 2012 9:25 pm

it gets better and better as the thread progresses, but for me the trunk spacing is very even - the main 3 trees of the planting are a little too much like a set of cricket wickets. This line of trees type of planting is very 'flat' which is a shame as each individual tree is now really nice, and the pot is great too.

If you seach some of the forest threads where Robert Steven has contributed you see he gets true depth to the scene and a very convincing 3 dimensional and incredibly natural view. (His advice resulted in 3 replants of my beech forest but each time the scene stepped up another gear, and it still needs one more tweak). It works so well when some trees are placed close together, then an area of open space is included, then random spacing of the other trees. The most important part of all is the placement of the primary focal point tree, and its relation to the second and third tree. The Subaru Kato book - 'forest, rock planting and ezo spruce bonsai' teaches the method of placing the 3 main trees very well and shows many examples.... it is one of the best books i've ever read on group placement.

Forests become addictive too - a good one can really transport you into it.

Cheers Marcus

marcus watts
marcus watts

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