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Artificial Rock...

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Artificial Rock... Empty Artificial Rock...

Post  luciano benyakob Tue Jun 23, 2009 3:30 pm

I finished to make this artifial rock, for correction of inverted coning of this trunk of Pitechelobium or Brazilian Rain Tree.
Artificial Rock... 4885_1165042452116_1409539768_454500_3333380_n
Artificial Rock... 4885_1165042532118_1409539768_454502_6966683_n
Artificial Rock... 4885_1165042572119_1409539768_454503_2268692_n
Artificial Rock... 4885_1165042652121_1409539768_454505_2502331_n
Artificial Rock... 4885_1165046572219_1409539768_454510_4495327_n
Artificial Rock... 4885_1165050052306_1409539768_454511_136139_n
Its more an option for correction of defects!
All the process in the link bellow:
Thans Luciano.
luciano benyakob
luciano benyakob

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