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Nishiki-matsu Empty Nishiki-matsu

Post  Pedro G C Almeida Fri Dec 23, 2011 12:08 pm

Hello All,

This pine was imported from Japan 3 years ago. Here's how it looked like when I got it, in the summer of 2010:

Nishiki-matsu Th_55b3a37a


Nishiki-matsu Th_edb42704

Dan Barton has agreed to make a pot for this tree. It was repoted in 2010:

Nishiki-matsu Th_ff67eae1

In spring 2011 it was growing nicely in the new pot:

Nishiki-matsu Th_89a6602e

In July the tree went through meikiri and in the Fall I decided to wire it. Here's how it looks like now:

Nishiki-matsu Th_81ead026

Alternative front:

Nishiki-matsu Th_1c533826


Nishiki-matsu Th_1705d717

The tree stands approximately 26cm (about 10.5 inches) tall above the pot.

C&C are most welcome. Thanks for reading.


Pedro G C Almeida

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Nishiki-matsu Empty Re: Nishiki-matsu

Post  fredtruck Fri Dec 23, 2011 1:26 pm

Nice little tree. I love cork bark pines. I can't tell from the the lowest branch and the one right above it overlap or are they reaching out at different angles?


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