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Three talented Bonsai Artist

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Three talented Bonsai Artist Empty Three talented Bonsai Artist

Post  hiram Thu Nov 03, 2011 12:19 am

Here are three of my favorite Bonsai Artists, Guy Guidry, Ed Trout, and my brother Toby Diaz. For those of you who have not met them or have been fortunate to view these three in action, you are missing an amazing experience. Guy with over 28 years of experience is still passionate and always willing to learn from the most experience to the novice. Ed in my most humble opinion is " The Gentleman of Bonsai ". Ed can INSPIRE anyone with his energy and words. Extremely wise and always helping out anyone or any club. Toby has a certain grace about the way he transforms a tree into and old soul and gives it so much character with his amazing abilities as an artist. If you ever get the opportunity to watch either of the three, please do so. Do not pass it up. You will be blown away What a Face

Here Guy & Toby are wiring a Bucida Spinosa donated by Allen Carver from Jupiter Bonsai and in the background Ed is styling a 60 year old Buttonwood that Toby collected over 8 years ago.

Three talented Bonsai Artist 2011_b12

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