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Dawn Redwood - Formal upright

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Dawn Redwood - Formal upright Empty Dawn Redwood - Formal upright

Post  Thomas Urban Wed May 04, 2022 10:31 am

Howdy, thought I'd share a Dawn redwood that started out from nursery stock 4 seasons ago.

This first picture is the year after re-potting from the giant nursery stock barrel and styled.

Dawn Redwood - Formal upright Img_0810

The 2nd pic is as it is now. 3rd repot since I've had it, twice with this Jiri Svacina pot and this time managed to lower the root mass. The design is starting to fill out and I'm working on the ramification but soon some negative space will need to be created as well as eliminating some structural flaws.

Dawn Redwood - Formal upright Dawnre10

Thomas Urban
Thomas Urban

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Dawn Redwood - Formal upright Empty Re: Dawn Redwood - Formal upright

Post  JPH Wed May 04, 2022 1:17 pm

I really love this tree! I've never seen redwoods in person, but as I understand it, they are a coastal species? It makes sense to angle the branches upwards like this, as they wouldn't be weighted down from snow like the things I see around where I live. Very cool tree. I can't wait to see it progress!


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