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Jaboticaba Bonsai Care/Indoor Lighting Fixture help

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Jaboticaba Bonsai Care/Indoor Lighting Fixture help Empty Jaboticaba Bonsai Care/Indoor Lighting Fixture help

Post  aarone12492 Thu Dec 07, 2017 6:45 pm

Hi guys, I'm new to the forums and I have a question.

I live in Mobile, AL where average winter temperatures are about 50-60. Because of necessity, I was forced to uproot my Jaboticaba bonsai that's probably about 4-5 years old and put it into the ground in June-ish. The plant was exposed to harsh light all day, but given that it's natively from Basil, that didn't really hurt it. Leaf growth wasn't optimum but it didn't hurt it. Anyways, the plant is typically an indoor bonsai (unless you live on the equator) so in mid-October before any real cold weather came up, I dug it up, gave it a pretty decent root trimming and potted it in a quality bonsai potting soil from Eastern Leaf. I know, not a smart idea to do in Fall, but the alternative was to let it die. Anyways, I expected the thing to go into shock, but the degree of shock is that it now how exactly 10 leaves, probably only 3 are functional. I know that if I left it outside during the summer, it would bounce back immediately, but it's just not. I do the scratch test regularly on it, and the color is anywhere from dark green to light green. It's recently gone from a dark green to a lighter green around the trunk since I've exposed it to a singular LED light that produces red and blue light. But the leaves are still falling off. In another 2 weeks, I doubt the thing will have any leaves whatsoever. So, in an attempt to artificially create "summer" I'm looking for a good lighting system. I'm wary of the LED lights that I have because I've seen absolutely no results from it on every plant I've tried it on. Currently, I now have a Daylight CFL on it (made the switch this morning) because I was afraid that the plant wasn't getting all of it's necessary wavelengths from the purple LED. The plant is on a 16 hr light timer and sits next to a westward facing wall. It gets about 1-2 hours of direct sunlight a day if it's not cloudy. I need a good light system that generates sufficient wattage/lumens to get this guy to rebound before he dies. I was watering regularly, but I read an article not too long ago that suggested that damp reduces the effectiveness of a root system. I've considered making my own setup with 4 CFL's and 1 incandescent (for heat) to get Plant (yes, that is his name) over this leaf-pneumonia.


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