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what I'm learning with scrolls

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what I'm learning with scrolls Empty what I'm learning with scrolls

Post  dick benbow Sat Nov 14, 2015 7:39 pm

Over the years of interest in alcove display, I first bgan buying numerous large scrolls that i liked the art work on, that turned out to be too busy and not usefull in seasonal display. Now as I am retired and working with a tighter budget, I've been forced to do some changes...

my first change was to saunter off on shikishi board scrolls where the art work itself could be changed.But used on the same sized scroll with stretchy corners. It had it's place in fousing on working with sumie-E aertists and planning a design with artwork created especially for the tree and season. sucessful up to a point. Still fairly costly for the artist's fee.

Then with my effort to have a reasonable tokonoma built to size, the need for some scrolls to be full size long or wide depending again on tree and space. But here's where I'm headed for purpose and economy. Instead of searching for a seasonal scene like a moon and cherry blossums for spring, or a moon and grass tassels blowing in the wind for fall. Now, I'm looking for a moon. other elements can contribute to the season. Ie a bonsai that's in bloom, or a tree in full deciduous color.I realize there can be in the presentation of a moon that clear skies or clouds can also dictate seasonality, but in basic essence a simple image can work in multiple seasons. Say I wanted to have something for halloween. A simple Bat would resignate with most of my visitors not in tune with japanese display but interested in what's being said from an american understanding. pairing things down to a simple image especially on the theme setting scroll, adds to the effort to say more, by saying less....

I hope this rambling may create some ideas to help others as they work on keeping this art of display in budget, while trying to have enough proper sized tables, and other "necessities" available to use during the display year. comments from your own experinces?
dick benbow
dick benbow

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