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REVISED: What the Members' Trees forum is for

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REVISED: What the Members' Trees forum is for Empty REVISED: What the Members' Trees forum is for

Post  fiona Thu May 03, 2012 8:33 pm

What to post in this forum

General Comment
The principal focus of this forum is trees, so it will feature largely threads showing work you have done on your trees.  

Please do post here:

  • single pics of trees you want the other members to comment on.

  • items showing recent work on trees - e.g. defoliation, root pruning, repotting

  • progression sequences on trees that don't have the detail needed for the Top Threads forum

  • pictures of newly acquired trees you want to show members but not ask styling advice on.

Please don't post here:

  • discussions about bonsai aesthetics or philosophy etc

  • topics where you are asking any sort of question - for example identifying it or questions relating to soils, watering etc. This includes topics whose purpose is to ask for suggestions on how to progress a tree and/or requests for other members to do virtuals for you

  • topics about bonsai display

  • show reports

  • topics with no commentary

Some points:
Commentaries should give enough information on what we are looking at/what you're doing/why you're doing it/how you're doing it. If it was an event - where was it held/which trees won etc.?

If you are posting images of a show you have attended, please look first to see if there is an existing thread containing a report from that show and add your own pics to it.

Please note: Posting an image of your tree implies that you are prepared for other members to comment on it. If you do not wish members to comment then please clearly indicate this in your post.   If you don't want comments, then you should consider having a Gallery in the Personal Space section where you can show trees without comments.

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