Some of my trees for comments, styling suggestions are welcome.

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Some of my trees for comments, styling suggestions are welcome.

Post  Todd Ellis on Fri Jun 18, 2010 3:54 am

I want to share some of my trees. Styling suggestions are welcome!
I realize these aren't the best pictures, backgrounds, etc.

My Eleagnus (Russian Olive, yamadori) I collected this tree from an old homestead approx 10 years ago. It was run over by a tractor and left to grow prostrate,in an overgrown field. I almost lost it to bores and a wicked hail storm. Est age 50 years. Approx.15 inches tall, 20 inches wide.

Trident Maple, a gift from a dear friend who passed on two years ago.
Approx 16 inches tall.

A Lace bark Chinese Elm I recently won at the PBA Auction. I'm not sure where to go with it. The pot is a very old Chinese pot. Tree is about 32 inches tall. I wired down many secondary branches.

A collected Titi or Leatherwood (Cyrilla) from Louisianna (from my friend who collected it in 2001) I hollowed out the rotted woodand am working on lowering the knarly branches. Approx 24 inches tall. I'm working on ramification now.

A collected orchard Pear (Pyrus) from PBA Auction. Approx 24 inches tall. Age over 25 years old (guess).

Hinoki Cypress Approx 32 inches tall. From nursery material.

A collected Red Maple (Acer Rubrum) I hollowed out the rotted trunk and am working on ramification. I plan to tone down the inside of the hollow.

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Todd Ellis

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