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Boxwood - threadgrafting branches

Rob Kempinski
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Post  my nellie Thu Nov 29, 2012 12:14 pm

Hello Neli!
It's one of the tree's own branches which has been thread grafted.
It's kept alive by being fed by the tree itself and when the graft has taken then it is severed
JMcCoy wrote: ... ... Now comes the hard part.. don't touch it for a minimum of 2 years - no trimming, no wiring. Only lightly wire to keep it going in the right direction is ok. You want to give the new branch as much energy as possible, and the more leaves the better. Once it looks like it has fused, leave it longer! Only separate it when the backside of the graft has withered and there is no more green in that part of the cambium.
my nellie
my nellie

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