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Mimosa Artemisiana

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Mimosa Artemisiana Empty Mimosa Artemisiana

Post  Diego Santana Tue Dec 20, 2011 12:24 pm

When I started I did many art collections around 2008 was already cultivating a bonsai about 2 years ..
This Jurema was collected in a ravine about 30 km from home here in a MTB training was with a hydration backpack, where I put a sissy ... no Torrao

It was just a torso hanging from a cliff that was falling ...

November 2008
Still leaves the collection ....
Mimosa Artemisiana PQAAAHXv3Ngw-MY-gb2UqQn818yzxDielmGD4ePtaw-47Uy2xFAzQjMCATzbzkAx3hSBAbV9O-Ks1EXD_o8C4Nf603IAm1T1UBinvTd_X_U3yaKsgdIOg_4JWQAO

After a few months she already showed signs of recovery ....
Mimosa Artemisiana PQAAABgong-R5XBdHrnSql4vbSJxNQrvyGr5tWYfqDUyG4A37QYEcABtZrGTS5v1XYQ1Ps-Q0WY2lv-7AH43Tf6tfosAm1T1UBvDfu8dDMPjFE_kkHfL9jNbtIIu

6 months later in 2009 she suffered the first radical pruning, removing dead plant everywhere ....
Mimosa Artemisiana PQAAAAkBchQdFM-TQ_VK8obVbFJifC4fviDh8z9aby6S-KtgRBfzd5-oFtm66isaxscQRvB3NKE9F2mCvTDSM6YvzhUAm1T1UDDzgIqWm8sIW4CeRNtPTG_JsSMS
Demonstrated about 25 rings ....
Mimosa Artemisiana PQAAANVh0A277_6aTD3JcuKtVHKveXRMU5e7lpK3-AhatWtth0L7BGlbOFjcFXp7ndjJiTCt6lNqV0yj5dyHlQqn_fgAm1T1UKKlu5j6WYQb08yMwloZ0VTAK0cf
November 2009
Mimosa Artemisiana PQAAAGFF1QUi4_VQfFJ3BmHA5ilwuwK7_KRsXt6VRwaSR7loo837aeJWMXOrWlthgINwmlM7a0w_tQU3_ZbGJLauW8MAm1T1UOzipe9xjrR7U-JWo90LB1hakVox
In August 2010 already showed good healing ...
Mimosa Artemisiana PQAAABGYDikkg9n400DKKKUlWWpekPALV7jpeR_lA7xPdlXaZIslplC7bSKu5ZwgiMd8EZCL9sSsOS_7vJEIKpX23PIAm1T1UPZV6EX7BqkQWAUFfk3SV1GpZ803
Today it is well ....
Mimosa Artemisiana PQAAAPqhaPy6ueVa4ui0XldTz4lz1tJg4marICx3mnu8vbXbB6EzGqYONMorw8_tt4LKmI7PV012ofzDiT2DKSReP2IAm1T1UEdMsOGJgTYeywJZOqpw2UIr2by3

In this new spring will be done in a work auporque nebari and will be placed in a colander for a better distribution of fine roots and correction of faults in the roots .....

Diego Santana

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