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Last Kakejiku Migrating Geese

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Last Kakejiku Migrating Geese Empty Last Kakejiku Migrating Geese

Post  Kakejiku Fri Jun 10, 2011 1:58 am

This is a Fukuro Hyougu scroll. Artwork was done by Darlene Dihel, sumie artist in Seattle Area.

I kept this dark on purpose, kireji (cloth)/Jikusaki (black Plastic Endcaps)/Kogecha Kakehimo (Dark Brown/Black Hanging String) to go with the theme of the Japanese poetry. If you would like I can PM the translation of the Japanese poem synopsis.
The Orchid Mist suji was to provide a contrast for a morning sunrise which also goes along with the poetry.
Last Kakejiku Migrating Geese Sakuya10

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