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English Oak

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English Oak Empty English Oak

Post  hinksy Mon May 24, 2010 4:41 pm

This old Oak was collected about 15 years ago, and i have had it for 18 months, i rmoved all the branches and gave it a much needed repot, and then started to do some carving , i am not bothered bout the large leaves at this point , i can reduce them in size later , the tree was suffering from mildew , but a lime sulphur spray in the wiEnglish Oak Pictur19nter sorted that out , so i will post more pictures as it progresses,lolEnglish Oak Pictur20


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English Oak Empty Re: English Oak

Post  Mike Jones Mon May 24, 2010 6:26 pm

Nice shape there coming along. I too collected an enormous Oak in 1998 from North Wales, trunk base is 24 inches in circumference. No specific style (bonsai) et al, just trying to emulate a tree in the wild. I removed all branches six years ago to get a shape I wanted. I have considered removing the top 50% and starting again. Next year I will repot into a smaller round mica pot.


English Oak DSC02704

English Oak DSC02695

English Oak DSC02691-1

English Oak DSC02690
Mike Jones
Mike Jones

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