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Small Juni cascade..

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Small Juni cascade.. Empty Small Juni cascade..

Post  johnbaz on Sat Jun 20, 2020 1:32 pm

Hi all

I was given this tree back in 2014, The friend that gave it me said it would need protection in winter as it's never done well and the foliage turs almost brown through winter!
Small Juni cascade.. Z03W16T

It was as he said, Nothing seemed to help it and foliage was very sparse then suddenly in 2018 it was absolutely crackers!! Shocked
Small Juni cascade.. ZmjJHVR Small Juni cascade.. WtEKot2

Had to give it something of a haircut!!, I still need to put some wire on to it and get a better pot as it blew off the bench in high winds and broke one side completely off!, I glued it back together as I had nothing similar to put it back into!, I have a couple now for next year!
Small Juni cascade.. 4mIkNLj

I also had to fill a hole with epoxy putty where the pot shards were too small to put back!!
Small Juni cascade.. Lk72JWe

I live at the top of a hill here in Sheff, It's prone to high winds unfortunately, I've had a few breakages due to it! Crying or Very sad

Cheers, John Smile


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Small Juni cascade.. Empty juni cascade instability

Post  oldman on Wed Jul 08, 2020 10:04 pm

One approach that I have found to work in unstable situations is to place the pot in a heavier, bigger pot and fill the big pot with rocks/pebbles/whatever. This makes it much less likely to succumb to wind gusts.


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Small Juni cascade.. Empty Re: Small Juni cascade..

Post  yamasuri on Thu Jul 23, 2020 12:02 pm

In certain situations like tall pot or tall tree is good to tie pot to bench with wire. Very offten seen in Japanese nurseries Smile

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Small Juni cascade.. Empty Re: Small Juni cascade..

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