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Slate Bonsai Pot

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Slate Bonsai Pot Empty Slate Bonsai Pot

Post  bonsaikai Wed Jul 03, 2019 3:29 pm

Some years ago I was passing by a Monumental Stone mason's Yard and I spotted a slab of slate lying, which I was able to "acquire" and yesterday I carved it to a Bonsai pot, now I need tree for it

What do you think of my attempt?The slab was 11inches by 9inches ,I marked the 1inches walls, then with a 4inch grinder and diamond blade made lots of cuts across the the centre in a criss-cross pattern then chipped away all cuts very carefully with a chisel, to form the hollow section. The front edge and the tops were slowly de-laminated with a fine bladed chisel to form the rough top and front edge. Now only to find the right tree, a Yew or Larch or perhaps Oak, any offers LolSlate Bonsai Pot Imag1112


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Slate Bonsai Pot Empty Re: Slate Bonsai Pot

Post  BrendanR Mon Jan 04, 2021 2:22 pm

That's really a stunning pot - great job.

You don't say the internal dimensions?

It will be quite shallow so you'd need a tree that copes with a small pot.


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