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Mugo pine styling help

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Mugo pine styling help  Empty Mugo pine styling help

Post  gamemonster888 Fri Feb 24, 2017 7:40 am

Hi, I'm still new to the bonsai and found this nice mugo pine last year, but can't decide how to styling it. Any recommendation? Thanks!

Mugo pine styling help  Img_2010
Mugo pine styling help  Img_2012
Mugo pine styling help  Img_2011
Mugo pine styling help  Img_2013


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Mugo pine styling help  Empty Re: Mugo pine styling help

Post  Vance Wood Wed Mar 01, 2017 2:00 am

It's hard to tell with these trees at this stage. A two dimensional picture tends to give false impressions here and there. The las picture in the group does offer a starting point. First of all material like this calls for a reduction. I would start by removing the large left facing branch by cutting it off about 2" above the main trunk. It can be cut flush or jined later but the stubbing discourages the habit of sap withdrawal and or great swelling at the wound site. Once you do this you can start by thining the top and opening it up to let lite into the interior of the tree. I very seldom find a Mugo that can make the ubiquitous instant bonsai. You have to work them down and develop a structure with a future first.
Vance Wood
Vance Wood

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