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Where can I go for Bonsai annual attention

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Where can I go for Bonsai annual attention Empty Where can I go for Bonsai annual attention

Post  dee57 Thu Apr 04, 2013 7:17 am

Does anyone know if there is a service available around Bristol area which can provide an annual trim, style, soil change & cut etc? The place I used to go to closed down. I have a 57 year old Elm which needs all of this. It was a gift to me 17 years ago and I do not have the skills (or time, regrettably) but love it and want to keep it healthy and pretty.


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Where can I go for Bonsai annual attention Empty Re: Where can I go for Bonsai annual attention

Post  fiona Thu Apr 04, 2013 10:31 am

Can I assume you are referring to Glenbrook for the service you previously had?

Sadly, since bonsai is a specialist area you are unlikely to find a similar commercial service, and I'd be very wary of anyone who professes to be able to do this service for you unless they are a genuine bonsai hobbyist/artist and/or you have seen the trees they themselves have created and cared for.

May I suggest that your best bet would be to find a bonsai club in the Bristol area and to take your tree along to them for advice? I'd also suggest that, for all the time involved in the tasks you outline, why not on an early visit get someone at the club to teach you how to do these basic tasks? You would then be able to do the trimming on future occasions and you could have a go at the next repot (an established tree like that should not need an annual repot) maybe at the club night where the other members could guide you. With all due respect, keeping an established tree tidy is not a time-consuming activity and is really not going to average out at more than a few minutes a week over the growing season. Presumably you keep the tree in your own garden so you must already be devoting time to watering it. With the caveat that I haven't seen this tree so am talking in general terms here, I would suggest that adding a few minutes more every so often is all it should take.

A good place to start would be to find out dates for Bristol Bonsai Society meetings. They meet in Failand. If you can travel, you could also try Swindon Bonsai. You will find expert and friendly advice at either of those.

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