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Christmas Essay

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Christmas Essay Empty Christmas Essay

Post  mike page Tue Dec 25, 2012 6:35 pm

The Christmas Holiday is supposed to honor the birth of Jesus. It's not intended to be a contest of who can spend the most money for material goods that will soon be set aside and forgoten. Instead, it should be for, as Jesus said, to feed the hungry and heal the sick. In the USA, and many other countries, there are multitudes that are malnourished and sick at heart. This is a condition that demonstrates the evil that men do, and the opportunity to do good that too often is set aside and forgotten.
Let us remember that the Government is our representative and the doer of our will. Let us direct our government to concentrate on careing for the hungry, the poor, and the sick at heart. Let us direct our Government to cease making war, and in so doing, honor the Prince of Peace.Only in that way will we escape the evil that men do and enter into the kingdom of the good that can be done. I believe this would honor the birth of Jesus, and the lives of the many who did their best to be teachers of goodness.
mike page
mike page

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