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Leucaena leucocephala

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Leucaena leucocephala  Empty Leucaena leucocephala

Post  Khaimraj Seepersad Fri Aug 17, 2012 2:25 pm

Hi all,

I have a yard full of these at just about 30'[10 m or so] trees.

Fun to try as Bonsai.

Just realised that the leaves are short lived, say 1 month or less and then they yellow, and drop. Growth is constant and rapid,strangely though a branch seems to be limited to 3 branchlets.

As I grow this tree for a few more years, I will be able to say more.
For now here's a test subject.

About 6 years old.

Leucaena leucocephala  Luce_i10
Khaimraj Seepersad
Khaimraj Seepersad

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Leucaena leucocephala  Empty Re: Leucaena leucocephala

Post  Plecostomus Sat Aug 18, 2012 6:45 pm

HI. Nice to see other people using this material for bonsai. Here in Puerto Rico they are considered a plague. So it means lots of bonsai material for free!

Its a bit dificult to obtain a nice branch structure like yours,congrats on that. Also i found they like deeper pots and they dont like to dry out completely; it would lose some branch if it does.
Leucaena leucocephala  DSCN0914
this is one I had and already gift to a friend.
Leucaena leucocephala  DSCN0915
this one its still on development

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