Beginner questions... To cut, or not to cut? Etc., etc.

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Beginner questions... To cut, or not to cut? Etc., etc.

Post  Treekovsky on Tue Mar 27, 2012 5:47 pm

I've been letting my little Japanese Maple grow a bit. It's only been a few months, but I'm wondering if I should do something now? High on the list is to re-pot it (when I learn how to do such a thing) into a larger non-bonsai pot, so I'm aware the pot is probably a bit small. Here's what my little guy is doing...

I didn't include anything for size reference, but he's about 1-1.5 ft tall. Here's a picture of the first branch (although there are some bud-looking things underneath, they don't seem to be doing much)...

And just to have it out there, here's a close-up of the base...

Is it still too early to think about doing anything to it besides just letting it grow? I have some resources I'm looking at to learn for myself, but if someone has something to suggest I'm all ears. I need to do some more reading and such, but I had this idea for a cut, though I'm not sure if it's too early in the tree's life to do such a thing, or if I'm on the right track at all for that matter (1st project, but dangit I don't want to kill it if I can help it!)...

If I was to cut it, would I include the little buds on the left in the pic at the site of the cut (I did do a pretty amazing job if I do say so myself, haha, the above picture is edited, I did not make the cut pictured)? Or chop them out as well? I'm sure I have a book that talks about this, but hey, what's the forum for if not to ask questions?

Another thing that has been suggested elsewhere in the forum is to place a tile above the roots to create a new root system. I don't know how to explain it precisely, but I'm sure all you seasoned professionals know what I mean. Is that something to consider at this point?

So here are the things I envision doing at some point in the tree's life. I'm trying to figure out the proper order of things right now.
- Just let it grow
- Make a cut as described above
- Use a tile to create a better foundation and root system
- Re-pot it

I also understand that bonsai is a personal art (get a tree, look at the tree, establish a vision for the tree, proceed...), but at this point any style comments or suggestions are welcome.

Thanks ~ k

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Re: Beginner questions... To cut, or not to cut? Etc., etc.

Post  RKatzin on Tue Mar 27, 2012 7:14 pm

Hi, first thing to do with this sapling is to get out of that pot and onto a gro-box or the ground for a few years. I would remove enough soil to correct the position of the roots. Try to spread the two that are together and bring the one going underneath back over to its side of the tree. Plant it with the roots well under the soil, not sticking up like they are.

Give it a good three years of growth before considering any chops or style, five is better. Then you will have something to build your tree on, a nice fatty trunk to start with. Whoa now pardner! Rein 'er down to tree time! That's just under a slow walk. I know you want to run with it, but you aint got tree, yet. Let it run out a few years, you'll catch up in a day. Rick

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