A way to develope, or maintain taper...

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A way to develope, or maintain taper...

Post  Guest on Fri Sep 09, 2011 11:00 am

Sometimes is it needed to do something about the taper, as it slowly dissapears, as the tree is growing in a small pot.
With some of my trees, am I using this technique, close to every year, by some, I never used it( ficus), it was not needed.

This small Carpinus Betulus, 22 cm. was dug up as a tiny plant in 2000. It has mainly been created with the growup, and cutdawn-technique.

Every year is the tree repottet in a small pot, in the right sice. When the leaves and the branches has slowed dawn the growning in late june, and the tree has been pinchet in the shape, during the early summer. The roots will have filled out the small pot ( potbound).

Then I move the tree to a bigger container, to let the roots grow free. I let the topshot grow, and I try to find a future sacrificebranch on the backside of the 3 lowest branches. All other shots is being pinched back.

One months later, is the pot again filled up with roots, and the tree can be moved to a bigger container. Now the tree will have the too long topshot cut back, and the sacrifice branches will be removed.
After that, does the tree hardly grow anymore. But in the end of august, is the pot again filled up with roots.

In January, will the tree go back in a small container.

Kind regards Yvonne


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