very new to bonsai

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very new to bonsai

Post  jordan12 on Tue May 04, 2010 3:53 am

I have just recently started being intrested in bonsai trees. I am wondering what kind of tree would be good for me since i have not had any experience with these. I am also clueless of what to plant them in and also how deep of a pot...


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Beginner Suggestions

Post  bonsaistud on Tue May 04, 2010 5:29 pm

G'Day Jordan...

IMAAFMO (InMyAncientAndFeebleMindedOpinion)...

Try may like it...You could do yourself a large favor by hooking up with a local bonsai club...there should be a number of clubs relatively close to you.

 Search out a local bonsai club…join a local club, and find a “local” (someone well versed in bonsai care practices for your location). And try to establish a mentor/student relationship…IF POSSIBLE. Support your local club...and they will return the favor.
 In the meanwhile, READ, READ, READ (see book suggestions below)…ask questions at the club, of the “local”, and here at IBC.
 With help from the club…the “local”…IBC…decide what your next tree will be…one that flourishes in you area.
 Learn the care requirements for the tree you plan to buy…BEFORE YOU BUY IT.
 Try to get a club member to go to the nursery with you to select your purchase.
 The next step is to learn to keep your container plant(s) alive.
 Then…if you want help from IBC, post a picture of your tree before you start working on it.
 If you start cutting/wiring/etc., before you post a picture, be prepared for what we hope will be constructive criticism.
 Remember that it is usually better to ask for help with a procedure that you have not done before…BEFORE YOU DO IT.
David DeGroot, Herb Gustafson, Deborah Koreshoff, Colin Lewis, and John Naka...and, there are many more good authors.

This advice should help you get off to a good start with your bonsai experience…it will help you to avoid many pitfalls, including that dreaded square wheel…you know, reinvent… So, use this advice as you wish. Or not.

Remember, support your local club...and they will return the favor.

And always remember, and don't ever forget, that Bonsai is a trip that requires time and patience…welcome aboard and enjoy the journey.

I just wish that somebody had told me about the bonsai club and the "local"
thirtysomething years sooner.

Pat…mounted on my trusty stead, riding off wildly in all directions…

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Re: very new to bonsai

Post  fiona on Tue May 04, 2010 6:59 pm

Add to that list the very good site on the internet but remember it's a UK based site so what Pat is saying about your local region and its climate/growing conditions needs to be borne in mind.

Enjoy your new hobby and welcome to our forum. We're all mad as hatters but there are a lot of people on here who are seriously good at bonsai. Not me - I just check everyone's spelling and tell crap jokes.

"Espouse elucidation"

my website

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Re: very new to bonsai

Post  RKatzin on Tue May 04, 2010 7:37 pm

Excellent advice there, Bonsai Stud. Far to often the cart comes in before the horse, dragging a dead or dieing tree behind it, and some guy running behind trying to rescue the tree he dropped a wad of dough on. It's not a pretty scene and I salute you Jordan for asking questions first, and I'll raise my glass again if you follow his advice. I've found the bonsai4me site to be an invaluable source of info, despite the inherent handicap of being from somewhere other than the UK. Laughing Also wanted to mention, there are no bonsai clubs anywhere near my little corner of the woods in SW Oregon and this is my club, the internet and the IBC is top shelf all the way. Very Happy

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Re: very new to bonsai

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