An Olive christened 'Firewood'.

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An Olive christened 'Firewood'.

Post  cosmos on Wed Apr 20, 2016 9:21 pm

After a 2-days-workshop session at BCG-Malta, on Monday 7th March 2016, when he was on Siracusa Gela Highway, Ignazio Giambrone wrote: 'A new creature is born from firewood material ...... I return home very satisfied'. And from this, this common olive, grafted with wild olive by Paul Micallef, was christened 'Firewood'.

Both songs chosen as background music connect metaphorically with the olive and its name ‘Firewood’. Indeed, both songs send a message. Firewood suggests that one needs to find the will within oneself to try and live. And fireworks is fundamentally about pride in one’s self and letting one’s ‘true colors’ show while embracing one’s flaws - because that is what makes each one of us so exceptionally unique. And 'Firewood' was just a large olive cutting that hopefully with both artistic and horticulture endeavors, will with time, show its true beauty.

Indeed, Firewood 'is not firewood yet'! And firewood 'is going to make it' under the horticultural care of Paul Micallef and the artistic interventions of Ignazio Giambrone.

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