helping for structural pruning

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helping for structural pruning

Post  allofall on Sat Feb 15, 2014 2:26 pm

Hello every one,

I have two trees -Elm, and Oak- since last year, and I think they are not under stress any more, it was a good growing season as well.  cheers 
I read that "Structural pruning is typically carried out during the fall and winter while the plant is dormant".
So now is a good time for trimming and structural pruning. I want to trim the Elm, trim the Oak and rotate it a little bit.
I attached few photos for what I purpose will make nice bonsai.
And I have got few questions Smile

1. Should I trim the big branches horizontal or diagonal cut?
2. Can I prune the roots as well? or should i wait after hard trimming for while? and if I have to wait how long I should wait till I can prune their roots?
3. Any other advice?

The Elm:

The Oak:

Thanks in advance

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