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Question regarding SIZE of stones

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Question regarding SIZE of stones Empty Question regarding SIZE of stones

Post  NeilDellinger Sun Sep 12, 2010 2:16 pm

I am hoping to start some good discussion with this topic. Recently I posted a few photos of a new stone & requested advice and input. I received some informative comments which answered several questions, but also inspired more.

My question is with regard to size. It was stated that smaller stones are often not appreciated in the same fashion as other larger stones. Several good examples were provided and it was an informative post. Now, I am not debating this information only trying to understand it better.

I visited this website & browsed to the suiseki link to the left and found some great examples of object and landscape stones which are pretty small...often smaller in length than a ballpoint pen. Some of these are what I consider pretty nice & are capable of being appreciated as a landscape despite the relatively small size.

A couple examples of many below, Thanks for your input!!

Question regarding SIZE of stones MA10421

Question regarding SIZE of stones MA10418


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Question regarding SIZE of stones Empty size doesnt matter

Post  ogie Mon Sep 13, 2010 10:55 am

hello neil,
size doesnt really matter,some small one have tremendous CHARACTER,by that i mean shape,quality of stone,color.more deep in interpretation of shape,the more contour and holes the better,because HOLES are signs of nature sculpture,i hope this will enlighten you a bit,tgats my opinion only
OGIE a.k.a. alex

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