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My first tanuki

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My first tanuki Empty My first tanuki

Post  livemusic Fri May 21, 2010 4:07 pm

Hi, bonsai enthusiasts!
This is my first post and my first tanuki. Any feedback is greatly appreciated.
I found this piece of deadwood (actually excavated bush of unknown origin) laying around at our block parking under sunlight and rain till it became bone dry. After removing bark and dry rot and considerable dremel work I went to look for suitable partner three. Juniper procumbens (to the best of my knowledge) looked promising with its yellow young shoots and flexible trunk. The deadwood was treated with lime sulfur for water/rot resistance. I have attached the three with four brass screws and gave it first-cut styling. Hope it will recover well; my biggest concern is how it survives screws crucifiction and how lime sulfur affects the soil.
My first tanuki Img_3210
My first tanuki Img_3211
My first tanuki Img_3212
My first tanuki Img_3213


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