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Cascading Hibiscus

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Cascading Hibiscus Empty Cascading Hibiscus

Post  Hawaiian77 Sat Mar 27, 2010 7:53 am

Howzit All,
I took this from my wife about a year ago because it was in sad shape. The first picture was taken a few weeks after I repotted it. The flowers on this Hibiscus are smaller then most. About 3-4in. across. Most of the Hibiscus that grows in and around homes here are about 5-6in. across. Also, as an experiment I had used straight adsorbent (for oil spills) for the potting soil. When I repotted it I checked the roots and they were very healthy. And it was way easier to clean off the soil from the feeder roots. Even the color of the roots was nice, very clean. I have split them into cascading pots.

-Tim Cool
Cascading Hibiscus 91041610
Cascading Hibiscus 91011612
Cascading Hibiscus Img_0215
Cascading Hibiscus Img_0328

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Cascading Hibiscus Empty Re: Cascading Hibiscus

Post  Hawaiian77 Tue Mar 30, 2010 3:46 am

This is an up-date of the Hibiscus. Five days after I repotted it, she gave me a flower. Dance The other one is just about to bloom too. thumbs up

Cascading Hibiscus Img_0329

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