Bonsai In South Africa!!!

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Bonsai In South Africa!!! Empty Bonsai In South Africa!!!

Post  hoboman on Mon Feb 15, 2010 3:37 pm

I'm a total beginner at bonsai and would like to start with something basic.
Any help and suggestions are appreciated Smile



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Bonsai In South Africa!!! Empty Re: Bonsai In South Africa!!!

Post  jon hultgren on Mon Feb 15, 2010 4:21 pm

Well being a total beginner there is a whole lot of info you need to know, and hard to answer if you are not sure what you want to ask.

Start by doing some research into that will apply to most any type of tree you might have. This might include soil conditions, watering procedures and feeding needs. After you are familiar with that look into species that are native to your area. These will be better able to thrive under the conditions that you will have.

Once you've looked into these things you can ask more specific questions such as out of species x, y, or z, which might be the most appropriate, or get help understanding things you might not have understood.
jon hultgren
jon hultgren

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Bonsai In South Africa!!! Empty Re: Bonsai In South Africa!!!

Post  JimLewis on Mon Feb 15, 2010 8:05 pm

For South Africa you'll get your best help by joining one of the clubs near you. Here, according to the Bonsai Clubs International website, are the South African clubs:

BEACON BAY - Border Bonsai Society - Eastern Cape
Contact: Heather Pfister
113, Beaconhurst Drive
Beacon Bay 5241
Tel - 043 - 748 1317

CAPE TOWN - Cape Bonsai Kai
Contact: Dorothy Franz, Secretary
PO Box 226
Rondebosch, Cape Town 7701, South Africa
Tel/Fax - ++27+21-7978972

DIEP RIVER - Oyama Bonsai Kai
Contact: Winona Heydenrych
9 Avondale Terrace
Diep River, 7800, South Africa

JOHANNESBURG - Eastern Bonsai Society
Contact: Errol Rubin
PO Box 2116
Houghton 2041, South Africa
Tel - 27-83-419-3109, Fax - 27-11-804-3160

KLERKSDORP - Klerksdorp Bonsai Kai
Contact: Klerksdorp Bonsai Kai
9 Goudkoplaan
Klerksdorp 2570, South Africa
Tel/Fax - 27 018 462 2435

CAPE TOWN - Oyama Bonsai Kai
Contact: Oyama Bonsai Kai
PO Box 292
Rondebosch 7701, South Africa
Tel - 27 21 615030

STELLENBOSCH - Boland Bonsai Kai
Contact: Boland Bonsai Kai
PO Box 1082
Stellenbosch, 7599, South Africa

Jim Lewis - - Western NC - People, when Columbus discovered this country, it was plumb full of nuts and berries. And I'm right here to tell you the berries are just about all gone. Uncle Dave Macon, old-time country musician

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Bonsai In South Africa!!! Empty Re: Bonsai In South Africa!!!

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