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Olive what to do?

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Olive what to do? Empty Olive what to do?

Post  vladasm Sat Jul 23, 2022 1:31 pm

Hello guys...
I need help with making bonsai. I got an olive tree and now I don't know what to do next? Should I cut off all the branches or do you think I could already start with some form? I am a beginner and I honestly have no idea what to do next.
Here are some photos and video on YT

Olive what to do? 20220710
Olive what to do? 20220711
Olive what to do? 20220712
Olive what to do? 20220713


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Olive what to do? Empty Re: Olive what to do?

Post  Marty Weiser Sun Jul 31, 2022 2:16 am

It looks like you have the start of a nice spreading bonsai. I would do the following
- Take off one of the two branches that start at the same location. Keep the one with the branches/leaves closest to the trunk.
- There is a spot where there are two branches that are fairly close together - one is up and right of the other. I would remove one of them.
- Cut the long center stump back to about 1 diameter above the top branch. You will cut it back further next year once the collar has transitioned the top branch.
- Wire the branches to give an undulating up and out movement with some side to side movement as well. Make it a bit exaggerated since growth will make it smoother. Try to place branchlets on the outside of cuves.


Marty Weiser

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