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Re-potting An Old Plant (Please Help)

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Re-potting An Old Plant (Please Help) Empty Re-potting An Old Plant (Please Help)

Post  raymond chan Thu Feb 14, 2019 2:46 am

One week ago I'd bought a pot of shui mei (water jasmine) from a local nursery. It was healthy but kind of tall and lanky with lots of skinny branches growing in all directions. The pot was packed with tiny roots reaching to the top of the soil that I couldn't even put my finger into it. I reckon the nursery had not been paying much attention to it accept watering it. This explains why it was sold to me cheap. Please advise if I'd done the right thing:

1) I'd loosen up the root ball, putting it in water and shaking as much as possible the old soil away. Some untidy roots were cut off as well.
2) I'd reduced the height of the plant by cutting off most of the leaves and branches. My intention is to have a low and leafy plant preferably with lots of flowers. Not necessary a bonsai.
3) I’d replanted it in fresh potting soil.

1) It's been a week now. When will the plant settle in and feel "at home" in its new environment?
2) Should I fertilize it now or later. When would be the best time?
3) Does it already requiring full sunlight during this stage?
4) I water it once every two days (when the moisture in the soil starts to reduce).
Re-potting An Old Plant (Please Help) Repott10


raymond chan

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