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On building a tokonoma

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On building a tokonoma - Page 2 Empty Re: On building a tokonoma

Post  dick benbow on Tue Mar 10, 2015 7:46 pm

Things i learned....

The biwa is too big in relative terms for the location as pictured. I will take it off the platform and put in along side on the right hand side.
It was used to cover up a distracting electrical outlet. Maybe I can find a cover that will be less distracting.

strung a cord along the back top of the valance which seemed to blend in with the wall and support the scrolls just fine.

I need to have some more tables built that lift the bonsai up higher off the floor. Most of all I had made before weren't very high.

But this Toko is a little nicer then the one I had before so I can continue to work on making displays and learning by doing as I continue to master the art

If I had to do it over again, I'm partial to Bill Valavanis' that gives the elements eye level when
standing in front with agreat storage cabinet underneath.

the process reminds me of the decades of rebuilding my Koi pond till I got it right for me and the fish. Smile LOL
dick benbow
dick benbow

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