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2nd of January 2015 - repotting for about 2 months

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2nd of January 2015 - repotting for about 2 months Empty 2nd of January 2015 - repotting for about 2 months

Post  Khaimraj Seepersad Wed Dec 31, 2014 2:44 pm

Hey Folks,

the great sleep began just before Christmas, as expected, the big indicators, were the Sageretias, no new growth. A few weeks ago I was 'atrimming' merrily every few days.

This year I have chosen the old Murraya p. [ gift back in the early 1990's, about 40 years old back then,] which I have neglected for so long.
Trouble is I had the Chikungunya [ ] a few weeks ago and it is a pest, so if I over exert myself, I get old, very old. In fact we neighbours have been calling each other and have a good laugh at our new ages. There is medication that softens it, thank goodness, still repotting this year will be a bit slower.

** Do not come to the West Indies for a holiday or Carnival, this virus is a bother !!!! ***

Some of my friends [ my Art teacher, in her 80's ] cannot use her hands and has to push up her right arm to get it to move.
We had a chuckle on the telephone a few days ago Laughing
It has taken to my knees and feet, watering is a bother, so I have to use the hose on low pressure with a rose head.
No lifting capacity.

Anyhow, repotting for me is simply re-newed mixes of sifted all, crushed red earthenware brick, builder's gravel silica based, both at 5mm, though the mame' used 3 mm, and compost.
I read a bit that says aged compost goes to humus [ humic acid, other acids ] does this explain how the compost after a year reshapes to small rounded solids ?
The grit bit comes in slowly after the second year and it washes out of the pot, never clogs.

Some trees like the ficus, need only builder's gravel and compost, and a shallow long pot.
Will be checking to see who else uses the same mix and pot shape.

One week's rest in bright light, some morning or dappled sunlight and then back into the full sun.
Fertilising is one month later after repotting.
Going back to the old 1/3 Lawn Fertiliser [ Miracle gro or Phostrogen ] once a week into moist soil until the rains return in May/June.

And that's it for the rest of the year, just normal chores, of watering and fertilising.
Defoliation for enhanced twigging, and new leaves, will be mostly after April / May, usually only once a year.
Mostly I just use Billy's suggestion, remove the big leaves.

Now if you guys don't see me until the end of February, please don't fuss.
Khaimraj Seepersad
Khaimraj Seepersad

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