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seiseki in Guangxi, China (5)

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seiseki in Guangxi, China (5) Empty seiseki in Guangxi, China (5)

Post  riversoul Fri Jul 11, 2014 10:35 am

You Lan stone
You Lan stone produced in mountain stream in You Lan village near Liu Zhou, Guangxi province. You Lan stone is not only mountain stone but also water washing stone. “You Lan” is the mane of a village which this kind of only be found there, so the stone called “You Lan stone”. You Lan stone is took attention with its smooth stone skin and gray black color, sometimes there are some white stripes like stream on the stone.
seiseki in Guangxi, China (5) Qqac2048
seiseki in Guangxi, China (5) Qqac2049
seiseki in Guangxi, China (5) Qqac2050
seiseki in Guangxi, China (5) Qqac2051

San Jiang color jade stone
There is a clear and rapid flowing river in the mountains of northern part of Guangxi, the river flow from east toward west, it called Xun Jiang river. The river is famous with it colorful pebbles, so local people call it “suiseki river”. San Jiang color jade stone just come from the river in San Jiang town and Long Sheng town. It is a kind of quartzite jade with dense texture and hardness between 6.5-7, The characteristic of San Jiang color jade stone is its colors, there are red, blood-red, yellow, purple, blue and green etc.
seiseki in Guangxi, China (5) Qqac2052
seiseki in Guangxi, China (5) Qqac2053
seiseki in Guangxi, China (5) Qqac2054

Lei Tai Hu stone
Lei Tai Hu stone come from mountain in Liu Jiang town. Most of us know well Tai Hua stone but don’t know Lei Tai Hu stone, “Lei” mean similar, so this kind of stone is similar to Tai Hu stone. Because the resource of Tai Hu stone have been nearly depleted, some suiseki collectors can not find a real Tai Hu stone, however they found a kind of stone come from mountain in Liu Jiang town is very same with Tai Hu stone, so they call it Lei Tai Hu stone. Lei Tai Hu stone also possess characteristic of “瘦”(thin), “皱”(crinkle), “漏”(leakage), “透”(penetration), “丑”( ugly)
seiseki in Guangxi, China (5) Qqac2055
seiseki in Guangxi, China (5) 20140621

San Jiang cyan stone
San Jiang cyan stone come from the Tou Jiang river in Gao Ji village of San Jiang town, sometimes it is also called Gui Zhou Qi stone due to some of this kind of stone are also found in Gui Zhou province. San Jiang cyan stone has beautiful cyan color on surface with the wave form.
seiseki in Guangxi, China (5) Qqac2056
seiseki in Guangxi, China (5) Qqac2057
seiseki in Guangxi, China (5) Qqac2058

Juan Wen stone (Wavy grain stone)
Juan Wen stone come from Hong Shui He river in He Shan city, it is a kind of siliceous rock, there are many wavy grain on the surface of stone.
seiseki in Guangxi, China (5) Qqac2059
seiseki in Guangxi, China (5) Qqac2060

Ginger stone
Ginger stone come from river under ground in the karst cave in Guangxi province. It looks like ginger so called Ginger stone. Hardness of this kind of stone is lower, sometimes you can break it only by your hands. Most of ginger stone are yellow with strange shape.
seiseki in Guangxi, China (5) Qqac2061
seiseki in Guangxi, China (5) Qqac2062
seiseki in Guangxi, China (5) Qqac2063

Wang Wen stone
Wang Wen stone (net stripe stone) come from Guangxi province in China. There are some beautiful net stripes on the stone, so it is called net stripe stone. “wang” mean net, “wen” mean stripe. It is one kind of rare stone.
seiseki in Guangxi, China (5) Qqac2064

There are some other suiseki in Guangxi province, I would like to share them with IBC friends in the future if possible. Thank everybody to read it.

with regards.


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