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First ficus retusa (microcarpa) - tiger bark

Twisted Trees
Just Mike
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First ficus retusa (microcarpa) - tiger bark - Page 2 Empty Re: First ficus retusa (microcarpa) - tiger bark

Post  Guest Wed Jan 23, 2013 3:57 am

Ryan wrote:
bonsaisr wrote:Let's get the name straight. There is no Ficus retusa in the bonsai trade. Period. In fact there is only one specimen known in cultivation anywhere, in Indonesia.

This is very interesting Iris, do you have any more information on this?

We have Retusa in the Philippines, It is grown in other South East Asian countries too.

jun Smile


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First ficus retusa (microcarpa) - tiger bark - Page 2 Empty Re: First ficus retusa (microcarpa) - tiger bark

Post  Just Mike Wed Jan 23, 2013 4:37 pm

so...can someone help me understand please because they seem to keep changing names, and i cant keep up...

i was under the impression that what we know today as 'ficus microcarpa', was at one time called 'ficus retusa'...during a search of trying to get a better understanding of this, i also came across the name 'ficus microcarpa nitida' as a different name for 'ficus retusa' (sometimes also listed as 'ficus retusa var. nitida')...also, it seems like atleast one other variety was at one time classified under the 'microcarpa' umbrella, only to be classified later as a seperate species...the spcies in this case being hill's weeping fig, which was first listed as a variety of microcarpa, then designated as its own species (ficus hillii), only to be changed back to a variety of microcarpa named 'ficus microcarpa var. hillii' this what is happening to 'retusa'? bouncing back and forth between species and variety?
Just Mike
Just Mike

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