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Duck Foot Ivy

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Duck Foot Ivy Empty Duck Foot Ivy

Post  bonsaisr on Fri Aug 03, 2012 3:40 pm

Since I occasionally do things backwards, I had to have a tree for a pot, a very elegant Japanese shohin cascade pot that I bought several years ago for an ivy bonsai, which of course died of unknown causes. This time I am trying Hedera helix 'Duck Foot,' an awarded cultivar. I wired it for a three line cascade, and potted it with the lower half of the pot regular mix and the root ball in mame mix. Picture will follow.
I couldn't find any decent pictures of English ivy bonsai, oddly enough, no cascades. I have seen them occasionally at shows. Anybody have one for inspiration? I would also appreciate any suggestions for styling & health. Since this is a self-branching cultivar, I have plenty of branches to work with.
One question is where to put it for the winter. 'Duck Foot' is reportedly very hardy, possibly even to Zone 5. How long should I leave it outdoors? Will it appreciate a cold period? Should I put it in the sunporch at all (where I winter the dormant temperate trees), or just under fluorescent lights?

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