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What the Bonsai Contemplations forum is for

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What the Bonsai Contemplations forum is for Empty What the Bonsai Contemplations forum is for

Post  fiona Tue May 08, 2012 11:43 am

This forum replaces the old The Lounge one.

This forum is therefore intended for all those items which are more contemplative in nature and don't have a particular focus on a particular tree.  

Please do post here:
general discussions on bonsai aesthetics/theories/philosophy
Trees in nature which have inspired you in your bonsai journey
topics of general subjects such as effect of recent weather on your bonsai, building your bonsai benches/winter storage areas
travelogues of visits to bonsai gardens /museums
enquiries about bonsai places you can visit on holiday
enquiries about bonsai clubs or nurseries in your area

We have never had any real problems with it on IBC but if we could just add a gentle reminder to all members to keep up their good work in not posting anything that could be offensive to other members.  Or as a wise friend of mine would say; "Remember that -isms cause schisms"

"Espouse elucidation"

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