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Zurich 2010

Post  alex e on Fri Sep 24, 2010 3:56 pm

Anyone who hasn,t bought Erik Krizovenskys EBA Zurich 2010 dvd then do yourself a favour
and purchase it ,Erik did one for Locra Spain 2009 and his video work is superb but this
new one is just stunning!!! his website is atelierbonsaielement ,there is a 10 minute taster
on his site, at Newstead last weekend we had a chance to talk to Danny Use about Gingko
in the near future, he did plan to to do a much scaled down version with only 50 trees BUT!
and I quote "he could not find 50 trees in Europe at a level to satisfy" might I suggest a look
at the dvd ! the trees therein and they way they are displayed is AWE INSPIRING!!!!!!!!!!!!!WOW

Alex e Bagpiper [thats £50 you owe me Erik lol! ]
alex e

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