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Post  Rob Kempinski on Sun Apr 25, 2010 2:18 pm

My Chinese Box Orange Seveina Buxifolia makes its first internet appearance.

This tree has an interesting history. It was imported into the USA by the Peoples Republic of China as a landscape tree at an Orlando attraction called Splendid China. The Chinese government vastly overestimated the American interest in their culture and in their somewhat educational entertainment. It appears Americans prefer to be entertained by people in mouse and dog costumes. Splendid China went bankrupt and all of its assets were sold at auction in 2004.

I bought this tree from a guy that bought all the trees while still in the ground at the auction. He had to collect them all. I have been growing it as a bonsai for about 5 years and it is extremely slow growing. Very tricky to wire as the branches, like most citrus tree, get very stiff as they harden. Also, like most citrus it has thorns but they are not too bad. It also is very susceptible to leaf miners. Throughout the year it makes little green fruit, like tiny green oranges that turn black (never tasted one – and with all the systemic insecticide I use to knock back the leaf miner I wouldn’t try to taste one.) The pot is a decent quality Chinese pot.

Chinese Box Orange 2010_s10

The photograph has really destroyed the illusions of the pads - might have to trim it differently or try different lighting. While it still needs to grow out a bit the red foliage clouds are what I envision for the future to get it show ready. That pad on the lower right is the result of a bud that sprouted 4 years ago. Like I said it is very slow growing. I might not be able to wait for it and might prune it.

Maybe a round pot some day too.

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Rob Kempinski
Rob Kempinski

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Post  John Quinn on Sun Apr 25, 2010 3:11 pm

A nice find and good development. Photos can really flatten the image...I am sure it looks much more three dimensional in real life!

"Eschew obfuscation"
John Quinn
John Quinn

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