Crepe Myrtle "Urban Yamadori" Help

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Crepe Myrtle "Urban Yamadori" Help

Post  bottasegreta on Wed May 20, 2015 2:59 pm

Is it ok to cut back green shoots on a newly collected yamadori?

I've got a crepe myrtle "urban yamadori" of medium size from a tree a friend removed from his yard. I received it on rather short notice and didn't have time to fashion a grow box, so I wrapped the root mass in sphagnum moss and burlap and put it in the shade. It's sprouted shoots all over that have all extended very well, but now the tree seems to be suffering a little bit. We've had some really heavy rain storms int he last few weeks and many of the long healthy shoots have been pushed down and are slow to re-right themselves. It doesn't seem like they're lacking turgor, if anything, they seem to be too heavy. I'm still scrambling to get a container put together, and my instinct is to cut the heavy shoots back a bit to take away some of the weight and give them some space, but I'm afraid to cut them back when they're still green. I was hoping to let the tree grow unmolested until next year to let it get established.

Any recommendations? Thanks.


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Re: Crepe Myrtle "Urban Yamadori" Help

Post  JimLewis on Wed May 20, 2015 3:07 pm

Dig a hole and heel it in ASAP. Trimming wilted shoots will be OK.

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