Results coming in

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Results coming in

Post  Khaimraj Seepersad on Sun Oct 19, 2014 11:43 am

Morning Folks,

well as Fiona suggested, I am going to try and confine my comments from now on to just my growing results.

1] Will call the Fustic - Chlorophora tinctoria - as the other name seems to cause some confusion.
Well joy of joys, by just going up in pot size, by say 2" [ 5 cm ] all around, the extension of it's lower branch caused the branch to thicken. Thus far this cousin of the Ficus, has given me similar results, thick cambium, small wounds self heal well and branches thicken in the pot.

2] All of the J.B. pines are being potted on to larger earthenware containers, 5 mm builder's gravel [ silica based ] and compost is an excellent growing medium.

I can also get out of 6 J.B.pine cuttings get 3 to grow roots, so I no longer need to chance results with seed. I can focus on just growing the best of the trees and not have to go through Plant Quarantine for new seeds.

3] It seems to be best to shift the Juniper, J.B.pine and Ficus p to just a builder's gravel and compost, with a boost from the moisture retaining peat moss or coco peat.
Will check to see who else prefers this very basic mix.
That's all for now.

* Interesting one for the group -
Tabebuia rufescens - Blackheart Poui / Green heart - height 50 -100 feet in the Forest.
Growing my yard, seems to have matured at 30' [ say 10 m ]
The reason seems to be full exposure to the sun, no competition.
Khaimraj Seepersad

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Re: Results coming in

Post  Khaimraj Seepersad on Mon Oct 20, 2014 3:16 pm

So you live on a small island and grow up using Deg.F when suddenly one day it is Deg.C, then you no longer pay attention to the thermometer.

Well the island exists between 90 to 70 deg. F [ 33 to 20 deg.C ] and here is the change only at 90 for depends on the year, between half an hour and one hour - summer to winter, high at 2.00 p.m [ June ] to high at 12.00 midday.

The real change is the wind, from January to June/July windy and then intermittent for the rest of the year, rains begin around May/June these days ending around Christmas.
So the humidty drops to 45 / 50 % and rises to 70 / 80 % for the rainy season.

Any place on the island facing the east and if they are lucky enough have a blocked west, in a wind channel has a cooled atmosphere.Especially if you paint the house's roof in white.

This effects the Bonsai, by giving them happy growing conditions, even if placement is full sun.
Amazing how as you get older,you pay attention to such simple and perhaps mudane things - chuckle.

Now for the true oddity, as we pass October, the 70's part becomes active from 5.00 / 5.30 in the evening, dropping to a low of between 78 then to 72 to 68 deg.F [ 22 to 20 deg.C ] after Christmas we move faster to 72/68 deg.F, until say 8 to 10 a.m.
So our trees rest from somewhere after Christmas until February's end. No growth.

Learning to use the rest time to repot and January's end until April 1st for refrigeration of Celtis and Ginkgo.
Lowest recorded low - 60 deg.F [ 16 deg.C ] how long for ????

J.B.pines only extended candles in late August to early September, some are still extending.
I figure after Christmas might be the time to remove old needles etc.
That is what I was looking for.
Hopefully, I can take 5 more years and get some 3 to 5 inch trunks [ 8 to 13 cm ]
Khaimraj Seepersad

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