the Black Olive has arrived

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the Black Olive has arrived

Post  LittleJoe on Wed Oct 30, 2013 11:28 pm

It looks like it's in potting soil and needs to be re-potted. Should I wait till spring? Does it need a bigger pot (the pot is 8"x 6" and the spread on the tree is 22". The trunk is about an inch and quarter), and what do I do with those roots? Is that scale on the roots and base of the trunk?

I do like it and hope to learn from it.
Thanks for looking.


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Re: the Black Olive has arrived

Post  Auballagh on Thu Oct 31, 2013 12:07 am

Well, for one thing it appears that tree has been plunked down in some plain old potting soil. Hopefully, the water drains through this soil decently, at least?
I wouldn't touch the tree now, since it needs to be kept indoors until things warm up reliably outside. But, you definitely need to re-pot it into a better draining, more suitable bonsai soil mix. Be careful when you water this tree! With that soil mix, it will be super easy to overwater it.

As for the roots? I would just leave well enough alone for now. You can cut back that big, center root a bit, then plant the tree deeper down into the soil when it's time to re-pot it, and give the base a more balanced, radial root pattern.


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