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Post  agundo on Sun Jul 07, 2013 9:16 am

It was a sit that you buy at a flea market 6 or 7 years ago, it cost me 5 euros. No variety is that I never got olives, even flowers, but do not care. I want prepare for transplantation next year. At first I gave the ax to the central branch you see in the photo and take the curve of the left branch. Maybe we will have to give it another inclination. That opinais.

After cutting the aforementioned branch saw him clear.
This is the project.

In principle, to promote drainage, since the time of transplantation step, replaced part of the upper soil. We remove almost two feet of old and I filled with peat and coarse sand, noting that the roots had good. Below watered thoroughly and liquid fertilizer.
The spots of the pot is a result of irrigation by immersion summer on my deck the temperature rises to 40 degrees with the top thrown and not plan to spend all day watering.

Then get to work: pinching the tips of the branches partially defoliated I left, wired almost generally less weaker branches and a couple of clamps to lower the thicker branches.
As I said when I give more inclination transplant to highlight the curve of the trunk.

If the ground is very compacted, takes three years without transplant, so renove the surface layer; proves the stick to see.

Then came the summer arrives and pinching was still paying, is sprouting like hell.
I put some olive photos taken this morning.

Finally I get the transplant, the roots were very healthy, and volcanic akadama I mixed equal parts. So this to today:

Joer!, Go change, last night I set to work, cost me almost two short hours of scissors, but here is the result.
I put pictures from several sides taken this morning:

Current photo as of today.

Greetings to all.

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