New Space in Brazil...

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New Space in Brazil...

Post  luciano benyakob on Wed Jul 01, 2009 5:24 pm

Friends, Would like to show a new space that is here in formation in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil.
One is about the start of the implantation of a new center of studies of the art of the Bonsai.
That he will be created by the Chácara Tropical .
With focus in tropical natives and, with emphasis to the professionals who work with these varieties.

Ta Granma...
Caliandra Espinosa...

Marçal Lemos and Edson Freitas in the Tropical Bonsai Nursery...


Zuma an another Caliandra Espinosa...
Pictures in ta link bellow

Post about the Nursery in ta link bellow:

Fernando Souza and your Gardênia Jasminóides...

Tropical Bonsai Nursery...

Two Big Friends:Roberto Teixeira and Vinícius ¨The Mentalist¨Costa...
In Orkut:
Shalom, Luciano.

luciano benyakob

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Re: New Space in Brazil...

Post  Vinicius Costa on Fri Jul 03, 2009 11:20 pm

Even though we still have a long road ahead, it's great to see a place like this in Brazil. It's a store, that's true, but even so Edson Freitas (the actual responsable for the store) offers once a month a free open space for students who wants to practice the art there.
Also, once a month we recive a different bonsai enthusiast to teach some techniques... Most of them are brazilian, but this year we'll have Salvatore Liporace (in September) and Min Hsuan Lo (in December). I think that bringing international masters is essencial if we want to develop the art of bonsai here.

I spend most of my time there (but I do not use that horrible hoodie everyday Laughing Laughing ), as I am responsable for their website (and future online store), I've chosen the bonsai part as my office. Great, isn't it? Very Happy Better than stay locked in an office all day long...

Vinicius Costa

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Re: New Space in Brazil...

Post  Ed Trout on Fri Jul 03, 2009 11:56 pm


Great statement about the office ! I started bonsai over 30 years ago for the same an escape from my office. What a world opened up to me !!!!! You will find that the "road" is not that long, but the journey is worth every moment.

Best of Luck,

Ed Trout

Ed Trout

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Re: New Space in Brazil...

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